Simon Coste



Ma page Française .

Université Paris-Diderot, Bâtiment Sophie Germain, office 537.

Here is a photo of me with the DeepDream algorithm.

Contact :

Detailed CV : english version. Since 2016, I'm a PhD student under the supervision of Justin Salez and Charles Bordenave (spectral properties of diluted random matrices).


Research topics:

  • Spectra of large, sparse random matrices and random graphs : spectral gaps, atoms, extended states, global convergence.
  • Eigenvalues of non-hermitian graphs and matrices.
  • Matrix and tensor completion from sparse samples, community detection.

Research works :


Lecture notes, teaching, misc.

2015-2016: TA in Statistics for economists at the ENS Cachan (prof : H. Harari-Kermadec)

2016-2017: TA in Real analysis for second year undergraduates at UPMC (teacher J.-F. Babadjian).

2017-2019: TA in Complex analysis for third year undergraduates at UPMC (teacher Vincent Minerbe and Vincent Michel).

I also have a few lecture notes in French, on different topics in probability.

Here is a combinatorial proof of a formula of Rényi on the number of forests with m components.